Am I allowed to take a Spanish insured vehicle out of Spain?

Different insurers specify different time periods for which the vehicle may be driven outside of Spain on a Spanish policy, so please check with us if you are intending to take the vehicle outside of Spain for more than a month.

In general, there is no additional charge for cover to the following countries:

All EU […]

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Does my own insurance policy allow me to drive another vehicle?

No. In Spain it is the vehicle which is insured, not the driver. Most Spanish policies allow any driver to use the vehicle providing they have a legal and current driving licence, but of course, it is very important for you, the driver, to make sure that the vehicle you are driving is fully […]

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Am I allowed to trail a caravan or trailer on my Spanish vehicle insurance?

Non-commercial vehicles under 750 cwt can be towed, but it is important to check the size and weight of whatever you are towing as Spanish law requires separate MOT’s and log books for larger trailers and caravans.

It is highly advisable to take out separate insurance policies for caravans as the standard cover for the […]

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If I have a UK no claims discount, can this be transferred to Spain?

Yes. If you have written proof of an existing no claims bonus from your UK insurer, then this can be transferred to Spain.

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Can I claim for losses which were not specifically mentioned in my policy?

Accidents in the UK frequently take into account what are known as “uninsured losses” but in Spain they don´t.

Uninsured losses will typically include such things as the cost of a taxi home, hire car costs, inability to work and therefore loss of earnings, payment of policy excess etc, all very important if you have […]

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If my vehicle is stolen, all my insurance documents will have gone as well, what do I do?

In Spain it is highly advisable to photocopy all documentation and keep a copy of everything in a safe location as this is the land of obsessive bureaucracy and copies of documentation are frequently requested during administrative procedures. It also minimises the problems should your documentation disappear.

Nash Warren recommend that whenever you leave your […]

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What documentation should I carry in my vehicle?

Vehicles in Spain are subject to frequent police checks, and carrying documentation at all times is obligatory.

You must carry:

Driving Licence

The car’s Ficha Tecnica (showing the technical details of the car) or Log Book if UK registered

All your insurance documents – receipt, certificate of insurance (for UK vehicles) and Green Card.

By law, the documents in […]

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Is it legal to drive a UK registered vehicle in Spain?

It is legal for UK nationals to own and drive UK registered vehicles in Spain, but only for short periods.

In 2014 traffic laws were amended. It is now obligatory for foreign residents to rematriculate UK registered vehicles.

UK registered vehicles may be brought with you when you come to Spain but by law you can […]

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Is motor vehicle insurance obligatory in Spain?

Spanish Law follows the same basic pattern as road traffic laws in other countries throughout member states of the European Union – all vehicles using the roads must have insurance for third party liability risks as a minimum level of cover. This applies to both vehicles on Spanish and UK registered plates. All motor […]

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