It is legal for UK nationals to own and drive UK registered vehicles in Spain, but only for short periods.

In 2014 traffic laws were amended. It is now obligatory for foreign residents to rematriculate UK registered vehicles.

UK registered vehicles may be brought with you when you come to Spain but by law you can only use them for six months in any calendar year in Spain. The vehicle must be legal in its country of origin, ie taxed and MOT’d. Any non-resident who changes to resident status after six months must either import the car into Spain, which can be expensive and complicated, and re-register onto Spanish plates, or sell it and buy a Spanish registered vehicle.

Is it obligatory to produce an MOT Certificate in order to purchase insurance for a UK registered vehicle being imported into Spain?

Spanish law requires that all vehicles using Spanish roads be roadworthy and Nash Warren advises all those considering bringing a vehicle to Spain to ensure that all paperwork is in order before importing the vehicle and that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition as fines can be very steep for those breaching Spanish road traffic laws.

Nash Warren will insure your vehicle without the original document being presented as proof of insurance, but advise all clients that should the vehicle not possess the required documentation and be involved in a road accident, that failure to have an MOT could invalidate your policy, and therefore your claim.

Failure to produce this documentation should you be requested to do so by the authorities, could also result in a steep fine.

At one time it was easy for UK vehicles to be accepted for testing at Spanish ITV (MOT equivalent) centres, but this is becoming less common, and some will refuse to test and certificate UK registered vehicles. Also remember, that if you have a UK registered vehicle, it must have an up to date MOT certificate in order to be deemed roadworthy, so take that into consideration when deciding to import a vehicle.