The cost of a Spanish funeral is on the rise and many (some would say virtually all) Spanish families take out funeral insurance to help cover the bill when it inevitably comes. As an expat living in Spain, it can be wise to consider doing likewise.

According to some sources, the cost of the funeral director’s services, items such as a casket, hearse, and of course, a service, can average up to 4,000 euros for even a modest affair. Add to this reports of funeral directors refusing to carry out a cremation until they are certain the money is available to pay the bill, and the attraction of Spanish funeral insurance is clear – it avoids a lot of potential stress at what is certainly a difficult enough time as it is.

Certainly one thing is different in Spain, and that is the speed of the process after a death. It’s standard for burial or cremation to take place within 72 hours of death and UK expats can be caught unawares by the rapid procedure (and potentially unscrupulous funeral companies on the lookout for the newly-bereaved caught without insurance). And this is probably the best reason to pay a relatively small monthly premium for this type of policy: having funeral insurance in Spain means that difficult decisions have been taken ahead of time and additional stress and pressure is avoided.

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