Life: Life Insurance to provide cover for mortgage payments or as a stand-alone policy.

Life insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that the financial security of those closest to you is protected and ensured. This can be especially important when you’ve moved abroad. In Spain, a Nash Warren life policy can overcome any worries about the Spanish ‘system’ whatever the reason to taking it out in the first place:

Making up for lost income
Funding children’s education
Paying off a mortgage
Paying off a loan
Paying for funeral or related expenses
Covering the cost of inheritance tax
Maintaining a good standard of living for your family

What’s more, Nash Warren prices are always competitive and for a Spanish life insurance policy, the premiums are on average 50% of those offered by the Spanish banks.

 Further information about Spanish life insurance

homeLife coverage isn’t just about insuring your life so that in a worst case scenario, loved ones are financially looked after and debts are settled. You might take out a Spanish life insurance policy for other reasons too. It might be a requirement of the mortgage on your Spanish home; you might see it as protection to back up your business in Spain; it might even be used – as it often is in the UK – as a sort of savings scheme to fund your children’s education or pay off a loan. And, of course it’s also protection against sudden funeral expenses and inheritance tax.

Nash Warren offer a whole life cover policy, in other words – without wishing to be morbid – it lasts until you die. If your motivation is to put aside some money for your dependents, then a savings plan type policy is the best option.
Life insurance lasts for as long as you live or keep up the payments. If you stop the payments the policy will end and there will be no benefit from the policy.

What our customers say

“Nash Warren provided me with a level of service I have not received before by any other insurance company I have dealt with. I found their staff to be friendly and gave me a quote to rival any other insurance company online.”
“Was very pleased that we found Nash Warren on the web, they gave me a very competitive quote and was impressed with their service.”