Whether you live in Spain all year round, have business premises here, or just visit your holiday home occasionally, you’ll need some Spanish property cover.

We Offer

Buildings and/or contents cover in Spain
Competitive Rates of Insurance
English Speaking Staff Members
Optional extended accidental damage cover for contents
Ideal for permanent/ holiday homes and apartments
Flexible, tailor-made policy to suit your needs
No Claims Bonus available on Home Insurance
All risks cover available for Personal effects and valuables (Europe & Worldwide)
Discounts for direct alarms connected to a security firm
English documents and English speaking claims service

And don’t forget the contents – furniture and belongings that stay ‘en casa’ or sporting equipment (bikes, golf clubs, boats, and trailers, etc.) that are just stored there most of the time, or contents and items for your business, they all benefit from some insurance. Especially, if you have to leave the property unattended for periods, you can sleep untroubled with Nash Warren insurance.

The same applies to businesses, which must also insure their equipment, computers, office furniture, stock and expensive tools, including mobile office equipment.

Extra information about Spanish house insurance

We all know home and property insurance is a good idea – both cover for the building itself and for the contents that we keep inside it – and the reasons for getting some decent cover are just as strong in Spain. In fact, when you factor in the number of people who own second properties here that are either rented out or empty for much of the year, having some good quality Spanish home insurance is an essential priority.

floodFirst of all, a little like the UK, if you’re insuring the building itself (and if you have a mortgage, the bank will insist on it) you need to insure for an amount that covers the cost of rebuilding and not the market value. Unfortunately, as the market value of Spanish properties has plummeted in recent years (just like everywhere else in the world, it seems) so the costs of rebuilding have risen. Bad news for insurance premiums but good news for insurance companies.

When it comes to the contents part of your Spanish insurance policy, be aware that while in the UK, the bathroom and kitchen units are usually covered under rebuilding, it’s not always so in Spain – you may need to factor in the value of a new bathroom suite or fitted kitchen when deciding how much to insure your total contents for.

If your Spanish home is a second property, you may well be renting it out to help cover the costs. Apart from the legal requirement to declare (and pay tax on) this income, you also need to consider some public liability cover. After all, if a holidaymaker or tenant slips and injures themselves on your stairs, you could be liable. Whether you rent or not, you do need to let your Spanish insurer know about when the property is occupied and when it is not.

Finally, although a lot of Spanish property is part of a community or an urbanisation, you can’t assume that damage is going to be covered by the community insurance; check carefully and bear it in mind for your own cover. The good news is that Spanish household insurance policies usually include as standard: the building, the contents, and third party liability but… don’t make the assumption, always check the policy.

What our customers say

“Nash Warren provided me with a level of service I have not received before by any other insurance company I have dealt with. I found their staff to be friendly and gave me a quote to rival any other insurance company online.”
“Was very pleased that we found Nash Warren on the web, they gave me a very competitive quote and was impressed with their service.”