small-bikeBike aficionados will tell you there’s nothing quite like enjoying Spain on two wheels and whether it’s sightseeing road trips or just a more nimble form of transport you’re enjoying, Nash Warren can handle your motorbike insurance policy for you. Great cover at a great price and all the usual terms, including no claims bonuses (protected), legal work, breakdown assistance, and so on – if you’re a ‘biker’, Nash Warren have you covered. It’s also important to take out insurance on quads, as both for on and off road these must be insured.

Spanish motorbike insurance basic information

Some road-users just prefer to be on two wheels rather than four. But whether it’s a scooter for the city, a classic and comfortable touring bike, something sporty for going ‘off-road’, or even a classic moped (mods in Spain?) you’ll need the right Spanish insurance policy to keep you covered. After all, sooner or later you’ll be pulled over for a routine check by the Guardia Civil or Policia Local and you don’t want your irritation to be accompanied by the sinking feeling that comes from knowing your Spanish insurance documents aren’t in order.

Here are a few tips about riding your ‘iron horse’ in Spain…
First,Wear a crash helmet. Ignore what you might see around the town – wearing protection (on the head, not hanging from the elbow) is a legal requirement and failing to do so will get you a fine – just like in any other European country.Similarly, you may see plenty of Spaniards riding scooters with a little dog on the ‘foot well’… don’t be tempted to do likewise, this too is against the law and the reality is that while the officer might cut a local some slack, they’re unlikely to do the same for you.

Put simply, riding a bike in Spain has similar requirements to driving a car – after all, you’re a road user. This ought to be obvious for issues like complying with speed limits and not drinking and driving, but you might not think about the requirement to carry a high-visibility vest and a collapsible warning triangle for use if you have to pull over to the side of the road; but the fact is, you’re required to carry them (how you store them on your silver dream machine is up to you!)

Finally, have copies of your insurance documents on you. As we mentioned at the start, roadside checks are routine (a common spot is on the toll motorways, just after you’ve passed through the tollbooth). Usually they’re done in no time at all and you’re back on the open road again. But even though it’s no longer a legal obligation to carry your Spanish insurance documents with you (the FIVA database should tell the ‘nice officer’ that you’re fully covered) having copies to hand may be helpful.

What our customers say

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