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Policy features on offer include:

Up to 65% no claims bonus
Fully comprehensive, third party fire & theft or third party only cover
Multi-car discounts available
24-hour breakdown accident assistance
Replacement vehicle whilst your car is being repaired
Protected bonus cover available
Legal protection cover
Green card cover

car-smallWherever you live in Spain, the chances are that you’ll have a car or some other sort of vehicle, even if it’s just to get you down to the shops and back. After all, unless you live in one of the big cities, public transport is often limited. But just as in any other European country, looking for wheels also means looking for insurance and at that point you begin to see a few differences between Spanish car insurance and the UK version.

For a start, in Spain, it’s almost always the vehicle that is insured rather than the driver. Unlike the UK where a car insurance policy is specific to the person, in Spain the standard cover means any legally licensed driver can get behind the wheel of your car, so long as you give them permission. This can be convenient but it makes it a lot more difficult for parents who don’t want their teenage offspring to borrow the family auto!

Another difference to the UK is that ‘back home’, if you cancel your policy part way through the year – let’s say you’ve sold the vehicle – and you have paid the full annual premium then you usually receive a refund for the balance. Not so in Spain. Or at least, if you do get some money back it’s at the discretion of the insurance company; needless to say, it tends not to happen.

Until fairly recently, it was a requirement that you have the original insurance documents (including the official receipt showing the premium had been paid) in the vehicle so that if stopped by the Guardia Civil, you could prove that the car was insured. These days, the Guardia can access the FIVA database of insured vehicles to check this but most insurance companies still recommend that you carry copies of your insurance docs at all times – after all, this is Spain and official practice tends to vary from region to region and province to province.

Finally, for some reason, insurance fraud (or more accurately, a lack of insurance) is common in Spain. But just to be clear, it is of course illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle – the fines are heavy and if you’re caught, it might not end with a fine – you may end up in prison.

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